Sweet Potato Muffins by Laura Vitale (LauraintheKitchen)


I have been on a serious sweet potato kick lately, with the sweet potato rice, a few other things that I have yet to post, and now this? I am surprised I haven’t turned into a sweet potato…yet. Anyways, these muffins are absolutely delicious, and with the way I make them, 100% healthy, so you can eat them guilt free. The ingredients to make these muffins are simple, easy ingredients found at your local food market. As a matter of fact, the first time I made these muffins I had all of the ingredients in the kitchen already in my fridge and pantry so it worked out perfectly. I’ve made these muffins a total of maybe four or five times sense the first time I made them, each time they were delicious. As a matter of fact, If I had to grade these I would absolutely give them an A, just because they are so delicious and so easily made (even for someone like me, who usually burns everything I put in the oven). My only problem with Laura Vitale’s Videos is that the viewer has to go to her website in order to get measurements for the ingredients she uses. What happens when you’re feeling like a chef and you bring your laptop into the kitchen, press play on the video and can’t cook along with her, it’s kind of a bummer actually. But, I just realized, maybe that is just how she likes to cook and so far so good. So keep up the great work!

Okay, so, the grocery list:




I think I changed out just about everything she used for something healthier132785888984343350_cC3yNWqX_c except for the vegetable oil. Though it’s not in the picture, I use Trader Joe’s brand Vanilla Extract. It’s 100% healthy and has only vanilla beans in it, no alcohol and no High Fructose Corn Syrup like some extracts have, which by the way is in no way good for you—not even in moderation. Pssh, Liars.

Next, the recipe calls for the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients to be separated. She says the reason for this is to make sure the muffins don’t get tough, and I agree one-hundred percent with that. But still this part was a little confusing to me, because she considers sugar to be apart of the wet ingredients. After making these over twenty times I still don’t understand the reason for that, but I do it anyways.




On the subject matter of sweet potatoes (no, we weren’t just talking about sweet potatoes, but in my mind we were): I mean the gorgeous orange ones above. At my local grocer there are two types of sweet potatoes, just so we’re clear this is not a very good grocery store so you probably have more—white sweet potatoes:


And the orange ones. Now, I have made these muffins with both types of sweet potatoes. I personally, while they are both still very delicious, prefer using the orange sweet potatoes because the muffins come out a lot lighter. When you use white sweet potatoes the muffins are very heavy and taste a lot like cinnamon, so they have a very strong taste. *Great Sweet Potato Tip: Rinse the skin before peeling them, this makes them a lot easier to cut into. Especially if you soak them in water for about 5 minutes.*  Also note that these, along with the orange sweet potato, taste absolutely delicious when you bake them, add a little olive oil, some sea salt and honey. Not sugar and not butter. Though you don’t use butter and sugar it tastes as though you did. And don’t boil these, all of the natural sweetness of the sweet potato will be boiled out.

Anyways, moving on, after you mix together the wet and dry ingredients:


And put them into your cute little muffin trays:


They should look something like this. Everybody’s muffins will look a little different then mine or even Laura Vitale’s and that is only because the size and shape of the muffins differ from the size and shape of the pans and also how much you decide to put inside the pans. Unless you use the exact scooper and muffin pans she used your’s probably want come out identical to hers. I didn’t get to make quite as many as she did but my muffins came out a little bigger than hers. The only reason I bring this up is because I realize that some people want the food they make to look exactly the way it does on the box, well in this case, the computer screen. So don’t freak out if yours don’t come out perfect.

When using wheat flour the amount of time you have to keep them in the oven may be different then when using white flour. With the oven I have I keep my muffins in for only 20 minutes and I keep them on the top shelf. Your time may vary because my oven is old. Anyways, while they’re in the oven, if I am not mistaking, she makes the butter mixture. I did mine a little different and that is only because I completely forgot the way she did it by the time I got into the kitchen.


I used melted, salted sweet cream butter (the ones that come in sticks) and raw sugar along with the rest of the ingredients for the butter mixture. Then I just dipped the muffins in like Patrick in chocolate sauce.

Or you could always spread it on with a butter knife. Now you’ll take the muffins out of the oven:



Then plate and enjoy!



Muffin w/ the Sugar Topping!

Everything she makes always turns out so pretty and just makes you want to make them or eat them or both. So I suggest you do. I trust that everyone had a happy Valentines Day and President’s Day Weekend. If you try the recipe using the switched ingredients please tell me! I’d love to know they turned out for you! — Sage

Link to Laura’s Youtube: Here


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