The Short Life Of My Avocado Plants

Okay, so, yeah… I tried that whole avocado plant thing like I said I would but… they died.


Meet Phil and Lil. Born sometime in May, they were happy and oddly shaped. Then somebody (not me) placed them in the 1000 degree window and they were killed shortly after. THE END. It’s sad but it’s the truth.


So then I tried a bean plant. Yay! My mom said they were really easy and that they would grow within the week.


I was so excited when they started sprouting. And then…


Boom! They died as well. It was going to be easy they said. It will be fun they said. Then It burned the following week in the oven we call a house. I wont even mention how my kid sister’s bean plant sprouted and had leaves within three days… It hurts me.


New Post on the best (store-bought) drinks you will ever have in your life this Friday. 🙂


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