The Best (Store-bought) Drinks You’ll Ever Have and a Starbucks Lunch


They are these little things called Kombucha and Mamma Chia. They were put on this earth to make you happy and happy they shall make you. I would just like to point out that these drinks are 100% Organic, Gluten-Free and 100% Vegan. Therefore they are some of the healthiest drinks you can drink. I would also like to point out that they are not for the faint of heart. The Kombuchas are slightly spicy due to the ginger, and not the sweetest but they make you feel so mellow and healthy when you drink them. So they’re worth it.



The Mamma Chias have little chia seeds in them and they feel like little Jell-O bubbles in your mouth. Its sweet and takes me all of five minutes to drink because they are so fun to drink. They not only wake up your taste buds but your body as well. I am no advertiser but you should definitely consider getting these babies. Same goes for the Kombucha.



You see that people? “Living Food for the Living Body.”  That’s the way its supposed to be.


Also I’d like to point out the ingredients. Where it says it contains a trace amount of alcohol, they are not kidding. Maybe it was psycho-sematic but I was feeling tipsy and my words were slurring minutes after drinking it. BUT that does not mean you should be afraid of drinking it. It is NOT Pure alcohol. Its Vegan and Raw so it cannot be pure alcohol.  Also, they only said trace. Its not beer, guys, so if you don’t drink like I don’t drink you are okay while drinking these.



Forgive the quality this was taken in a very dimly lit office.


I got a turkey Panini, cranberry scone, and chai tea. Can someone say DELICIOUS.


It was a turkey Panini and had these tiny mustard seeds and provolone cheese inside.



Well, I’m hungry now. Next post will be on Monday and either about brie cheese and healthy absolutely delicious homemade sandwiches or something else… sweeter I’m not really sure how to name it yet.


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