Fromage de Brie et Les Sandwiches Délicieux (Brie Cheese and Delicious Sandwiches)

Did you know brie cheese is French? Well, it is. It’s named after the Brie region of France (hence the French title). This is probably common knowledge but I learned it in my French class so now it’s new and amazing knowledge. My gift to you. Be amazed!


Brie cheese. Have you ever had it before? It’s delicious if you haven’t and you need to. It kind of tastes like butter and atop one of the nasty, tasteless crackers (I’m kidding they’re not that gross) they taste even better.


Turkey meat– with none of those nasty preservatives (that needs to be fried or deveined or something), mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes that you can’t see in this picture. Plus:


Five different types of lettuce. I don’t know them all but I see arugula and butter lettuce.


Equals a darn good sandwich on wheat, gluten-free bread.


Picture7I’m not sure… but I think I took this picture upside down. Too much Kombucha?



Now, these aren’t your typical meat and cheese sandwiches. They are open-faced sandwiches with fresh tomato, Queso cheese, and basil with a drizzle of olive oil on top of thick, rye bread that soft and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. In the name of 30-Minute Meals I say, “Yumm-o!”


They’re not only delicious but gorgeous as well. Sounds like the perfect boyfriend… I’m just kidding.  Kind of.


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