Have Breakfast With Me, Yeah?


This is the beginning of a new section I call “Have Breakfast With Me, Yeah?” Where I post pictures of mine (and on special occasions, other peoples) yummy breakfast. It will blow your mind.


Besides the blurry resolution, on the menu today is, Green tea with honey and rice milk, Oatmeal with fresh blueberries, honey, rice milk, and sea salt, fresh avocado and smoked salmon on wheat sourdough bread with a side of fresh baby carrots, cherry/grape tomatoes, and apples with peanut butter.  This was my mom’s breakfast. You wouldn’t catch me dead or alive eating avocado. But I had something similar, it just wasn’t as pretty.




The green tea we got was bright green when we boiled/steeped it and came with green tea leaf shavings in it. That’s what’s on top.  I don’t know why but whenever I drink something that is meant to give me energy (such as green tea or coffee) it does the exact opposite. I get drowsy and end up taking a 24 hour nap. But when I drink something that is supposed to put me to sleep or relax me (such as sleepy-time tea) I get all of the energy in the world. Am I the only one? I probably am.  *Forever Alone ;(* *Just Kidding* *not* *maybe* Here it is without milk:



And oatmeal. Every kids worst nightmare. And blueberries. My worst nightmare. JK. Maybe.


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