Weird Science: Oingo Boingo Saved My Onion

I’m telling you. It’s a growth. I really cool looking one, but a growth none the less. So, despite the obvious efforts to get me to kill my onion on Yahoo Answers, I saved it and it grew due to the color of my kid sister’s thumb. The only thing is now, I’m not quite sure what we’re supposed to do with it.


It’s Alive! (weird) It’s Alive! Weird Science. Ohhhh.


Things I’ve never seen before, Behind bolted doors, Talent and imagination– Weird Science!


Not my creation! (it’s my sister’s) Is it real?!


I do not know. I do not know! From my heart and from my hands why don’t people understand my intentions?

(If you have a problem similar to mine, click on the last picture on my previous post and it’ll take you to the real YA page and tell you how to plant it.) — Sage 🙂


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