How To: Be A Photographer

In light of me trying something new, a few days ago I decided I wanted to further take up photography. I’ve shown interest in taking pictures of the things that I see and those around me ever since I got my first camera phone maybe 8-9-10 years ago and I had a photo shoot with my unnie in our backyard. The pictures were amaze if I do say so myself. I got pictures of her jumping in the air, twirling around in the grass, picking flowers and sitting underneath the tree in our backyard. The pictures looked like something that could’ve easily been in a Teen Vogue magazine… or at least I think they did, I can’t be sure because I lost that phone and the pictures on it when I  dropped it in dish water a few months later. This bitters me to this day. Did I really need to be listening to “The Rain” by Missy Elliot while I washed the few plates in the sink? The cups? The bowls? Can I really do nothing without music? I guess not. And now… because of me, my phone can’t stand the rain.

Here on my blog I tried a “photography” post which didn’t go over very well because it was weird (I made birds talk) and was frankly a bit boring– So I decided to do research. I looked up types of cameras how to use them the different settings et cetera et cetera, and somehow ended up on Youtube were I found a plethora of goodies given to us in the form of Shamelessness.  There was a time way way in the past (*cough cough* last summer) when you couldn’t get me off of Youtube and I knew of ShamelessMaya from said older sister and knew that she herself was a photographer. She has posted a lot of techy videos but I zoomed in particularly on these two:

For All of Your Shameless Camera Needs

This video showed me what I wanted and where I could get it.

For All of Your Other Shameless Camera Needs

This video showed me how to use what I wanted.

After watching these videos I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to happen right now. I mean, do you see the price of those cameras which I wanted all of? Every time she said “inexpensive” I heard really expensive.


Canon Eos Rebel T3i $549 @ bhphotovideo @ Amazon/ $579 on Prime/ $659 Bundle on Prime

Amazon stars: Ranges between 4.4 and 4.7 stars

bhphotovideo stars: 4.3 stars and 3 reviews

Sony Alpha NEX-3N $398 @ Amazon FREE SHIPPING with prime  No longer Available @bhphotovideo

Amazon stars: 4.4 stars and 176 reviews

bhphotovideo stars: 4.6 stars and 59 Reviews

Nikon Cool Pix P330 The prices for this one change. I can’t find it on the bhphotovideo website and on Amazon it the price ranges starting at $238.

Amazon stars: 4 stars and 85 Costumer Reviews– The reviews on this were mixed. Makes me not excited if I were thinking of getting this camera.

Canon s110 $249 @ bhphotovideo FREE SHIPPING  with prime @ Amazon

Amazon stars: 4.2 and 261 reviews

bhphotovideo stars: 4.5 stars and 114 reviews

Nonetheless, Shameless gave good tips for each of the cameras in that video and for the camera I have now–which hasn’t been the same since I dropped it. Boo.

If I had to choose which one to get besides the Canon Eos Rebel T3i (because everybody wants that camera) It would be the Sony Alpha NEX-3N. It’s got amazing reviews and it’s fairly “cheap”. So, because it seems as though I have bitten off way to much with this one I am going to real it back some and look into a few things that I can easily (and cheaply) do from home. Next up: Animes.

For more on this visit the page “The Idea” and if you have suggestions as to things I can try visit “The Suggestion Box” or comment below I would love to hear what you have to say!



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