How I Successfully Ruined My Night + How You Can Too!

My next post on my “journey to self-discovery” was going to be me going on an on about how much I love animes and how I was so excited to try new types of animes and talk about them here on my blog. But I have completely ruined all hope of that ever happening in all of yours and my life because of one anime.

It all happened yesterday evening– I got on the computer with every intention of beginning my research on different genres and types of animes so that I could start my post and talk to you guys about my experience.  I started my search in yaoi. Why yaoi, you might ask? Because it sounded like a good idea at the time and because I have read similar stories on Wattpad before and I thought it would be fun to see it in action.  For those of you who do not know what yaoi is, the easiest way to explain it is yaoi is boy on boy love, or just Boy’s Love (BL for short). It is when one very attractive, rather domineering man chases another very attractive, passive and slightly girlish looking man’s butt in hopes of becoming intimate. The pursuer is called the seme and the person being pursued is called the uke. Now, there are many types of yaoi. There are ones with literary themes and magical themes both of which are usually non-explicit (according to the Geekiary), and there are ones that are strictly for mature audiences. I had planned to try out one of each and I was looking at videos of them on YouTube for a better part of my “research” last night but that is not where the horror begins. It begins with a kid named ronaldmcdonaldslilbro.

On google I searched “Anime Community” so that I can talk to other people who have watched more animes than I have and that I could ask their opinion on the list I had found on the Geekiary.  The first thing that pops up with this search is Anime-Planet. It sounded cute and when I clicked on the website it didn’t look like it would kill my computer with viruses so I looked around, searched for the type of yaoi they had on their website. There wasn’t a lot but there were a few I knew from their names. I continued to look around and you know how usually when you scroll all the way down on a professional website you can see ways to contact the owners (which I had planned to do, not because their site was bad but just because I had a few questions) I also found a link to a chat room. I figured this would be better than trying to contact the owners, so I signed up immediately and began to talk to the 200 something people who were already there. The conversation went something like this (I don’t remember the names of the users so I made up my own):

shakethatthang_12: yeah

sagedandconfused: Hi, I’m new here.

shakethatthang_12: Hi.

shakethatthang_12: Can you not respond to what I said? (he was not speaking to me, so I ignore this)

sagedandconfused: So, I had a question I wanted to ask. (I am kind of awkward at first when I talk to people I don’t know.)

shakethatthang_12: You do?

rokuotaku: I am not going to tell you my 3 sizes.  (this person was not talking to me either, so I ignored this as well)

sagedandconfused: Does anybody here watch yaoi?

For a while there was no response so I patiently waited like 10 minutes or so. Then suddenly:

ronaldmcdonaldslilbro: Watch Boku no Pico

shakethatthang_12: Why not?

rokuotaku: Did you not know that my 3 sizes are my boobs, hips and feet, riddlediddle? (a different user, I assumed)

At this point, I decided to ignore the fact that these 3 year olds were on this website talking about things they knew nothing about and continued with my quest to finding the perfect yaois for me to try watching.

sagedandconfused: What’s Boku no Pico? A yaoi?

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. I didn’t get a response and was tired of waiting and thus began my search for the infamous Boku no Pico. I googled it, saw pictures (bad pictures) but still thought it couldn’t be that terrible so I youtubed it. All I could find there were reactions and heavily censored videos of it. What I did notice was that each and every video was saturated with comments telling everybody to avoid this anime like the plague. I thought, “oh no– these grown men and women are overreacting. A cartoon can’t be that bad. I am going to find a video of it.” I found one (fan made) and it just appeared to be about three little boys cross dressing and making out with each other and I thought “okay, this is weird. But not nearly as bad as these people were making it seem.” So I scrolled down  and read the comments, one person said that they were there because people told them not to do it and I thought it was funny because I was there for that exact same reason. Another person said that it gets worse and that there are three different parts. Being the overly stubborn (see: “The Idea”) and curious person I am, I went back to google to look for an episode of it. I finally found one on dailymotion and when I clicked on it a big screen came up as the anime started. During the opening credits for the anime I was kind of like this:

 But, being the trooper that I am, I continued to watch past this oddly sexual title sequence. After a few minutes the anime opens with a bowl of ice, naked bodies and weird noises. Honestly, I should’ve stopped there, buuut… I didn’t and as I continue to watch I’m kind of like:

which quickly turns into:

All I have to say is, ice should not go there. How is it going to get out again? Do I want to know the answer to that? Probably not– so just shhh.  Even during this scene I was thoroughly confused. I knew what they were doing but was that an older guy doing all those things to that poor little man-child beneath him? Are you kidding me? What is this? The answer is simple. This is Shotacon. Shota for short. What is shota, young innocent child? Well, shota is an anime about an older man getting busy with a younger boy.  Think about it. Take second. Ding.

So I continued to watch the anime and when I realized what was going on I was kind of like,

It was one of those times where know you shouldn’t be watching it but you’re intrigued and slightly nauseated so you continue to watch just because you don’t know what else to do with yourself. The only thing I could think to say at this point is “Wow.” But everybody eventually reaches their limit. The ice cream scene was my limit.

Now, I can say I’ve done it. Even though I haven’t watched the entire thing, nor the entire series, I can say I’ve done it. I’ve survived Boku no Pico. I honestly hate whoever ronaldmcdonaldslilbro is for even suggesting something like this but this taught me something. You have to pick and choose when to listen to complete strangers– that was not one of the times. For once, I should’ve actually listened to the comments on you tube. Also, I should’ve known not to listen to somebody on a chat website. That’s like visiting Omegle and not expecting to see something you shouldn’t. Ridiculous.

But I admit, I brought this on myself being defiant and curious. But, to my offense, when Curious Jorge does it nobody gets mad and he doesn’t end up scarred for life.

And that is the story of how I successfully ruined my night. Don’t believe me? (Which I would completely understand given my current experience. But, I warn you, once you see it, it can’t be unseen.) Or perhaps you just want to see for yourself? And If that’s the case: DailyMotion and pUrE_yAoI (a BlogSpot blog) and:

No. Judgement.  Next up: Music since I can’t seem to be able to get my face up off of the ground after this experience, animes are going to have to take a break.

For more on this visit the page “The Idea” and if you have suggestions as to things I can try visit “The Suggestion Box” or comment below I would love to hear what you have to say!



16 thoughts on “How I Successfully Ruined My Night + How You Can Too!

  1. Wow. That really sucks. I love yaoi, even hardcore yaoi, but shota is just too disturbing. I think those guys were messing with you — that’s an anime people usually get warned away from when they’re newbies.
    What’s your tolerance level for noncon? You know that a lot of yaoi gets its juice from forcible sex of one stripe or another (typically as a prequel to romance), and the anime are like that, too. Even Love Stage, which is more shounen-ai, has the almost-rape scene that upset everyone when it aired a few weeks ago…
    In any case, Papa Kiss in the Dark, Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku, Love Pistols, and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi would be safer bets. If you’re okay with noncon, Koisuru Boukun is one of the best yaoi OVA (2 episodes). If you’re looking for sources, Aarinfantasy has almost everything available.
    I hope you will recover soon!


    • LOL. You know… I think that kid was just being mean. Shota is disturbing. Very much so.
      Noncon? You know, I’ve never heard of it. Totally new to most things yaoi. Thank you for your suggestions! Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself around here. It’s nice to know someone’s listening. 🙂 I am going to try out all of your suggestions as soon as I stop looking at Usui like he’s hiding something. :p I’ll mention you in the post too, if you don’t mind, that is!


      • noncon (or non-con) = sex that is not consensual — you need an abbreviation for it in yaoi-speak since it’s so common, ne?
        actually, if you like koisuru boukun (‘cuz it’s awesome), then there’s probably a lot of yaoi you’d enjoy. for the genre, it’s a high quality story, but as far as how it treats sex, it’s pretty middle-of-the-road.
        sure. feel free to mention me.
        actually, on my blog right now I’m finishing up a top 25 yaoi manga list, but my next series of recommendations will be yaoi anime, so I’m thinking about this stuff a lot right now. I just re-watched Yebisu Celebrities, which is a sweet, gentle, 100% consensual OVA (and manga). Its major downside is that, like quite a few yaoi OVA, it’s animix. Have you run into that before? Animix is low budget “anime”, halfway between manga and anime — for the animation they primarily use static drawings and just have it looking like the camera’s panning up/down them, and they make the mouths move. Still, you get the voices and expressions. It’s still just not anywhere near as awesome as real anime, though.


    • I’ve come to the terms that shota is not terrible if there’s storyline. Boku no pico has no storyline. That and the kid just looked so young… He’ll never be the same again… Also, out of pure curiosity I watched Koisuru Boukun and I actually really liked it. 🙂 I wish there was a third episode! That’s good stuff! They were so cute together.


  2. Yeah, I think my definition of shota has shifted over time. Technically, it should be anyone underage, but I think now I tend to think of it as anyone preadolescent, and no matter what, that kind of story creeps me out.
    Koisuru Boukun does have a bunch of drama CDs, and folks have made the manga+drama CD versions of them available on youtube (or was it dailymotion?), so you can get a fan-made almost-animix experience. It’s not as good as a real set of sequels or complete anime season, but it’s something.
    I know what you mean about enjoying knowing someone’s really listening. I started blogging about yaoi because I only have one friend IRL that I can talk to about it, so when people want to actually trade ideas based on what I’ve been writing about, that’s the absolute best.


    • That’s because it is creepy. Preadolescents should not get down with older people. To be completely honest, I don’t think they should get down with anybody until they no longer have “adolescent” in their title.
      I am not going to lie, the “noncon” (which now that you explain it makes plenty of sense) portion of Koisuru Boukun bothered me a little teansy bit, but I eventually got over it because of all of the cute/funny scenes that followed.
      I think I have run into a few animix animes — I just didn’t know they had a name. It’s usually hard for me to finish shows where they are not completely animated if they are supposed to be. Is Special A an animix? I haven’t finished that one because they were drawn weird and their legs were far too long.
      Do you know korean/watch korean dramas as well? Those are the reasons I started this blog in the beginning.


  3. Hmm… I just took a quick look at a Special A episode on youtube (, and that’s regular anime (yes, with folks who definitely have abnormally long limbs). In an animix, essentially nothing on the screen is moving except the characters’ mouths (and the “camera” pans around) — you really don’t see it in the kinds of shows that would turn up on TV or have full seasons. It’s like a low-budget stopgap.
    About the dramas, I’m a beginner in Japanese, and I don’t know any Korean. I haven’t actually watched any Japanese or Korean dramas — I like my animation, especially since my favorite genre is yaoi — there are quite a few live-action yaoi adaptations and boys’ love movies, but I get distracted by wondering about how the actors feel about playing those parts, so I’ve never sought them out.
    I think it’s normal to find noncon disturbing, especially when you start watching/reading yaoi. It’s pretty freaky, because it’s certainly not the kind of thing folks typically watch for entertainment here in the US. But stories move forward based on conflict, and with a sex-focused genre like yaoi, noncon is one of the easy (I hesitate to say “logical”) ways to create drama, I guess. The typical mainstream yaoi scenario (when noncon is a part of the story) goes like this: at first the sex is noncon and then somehow (defying reality), over the course of the story the two fall in love. Yep, that’s fiction for you. Some people get used to it and begin to find the noncon exciting (mind you, what’s exciting in fiction is still repulsive in real life), while others decide to stick with shounen-ai or just abandon the whole BL thing entirely.


    • IT looks like I know even less about animes than I thought because comparing Special A and Yebisu Celebrities there’s no doubt which one is low budget.
      I can understand that– the whole getting distracted thing. It would be hard for me too because the whole time I would be thinking “they’re straight and totally not into this.” ;D But I can imagine it’d be uncomfortable for anybody to film those scenes their sexuality aside.
      The noncon in Koisuru Boukun wasn’t that bad when you realize that Senpai brought that on himself. Nobody told him to drink from the bottle. But this is why I love fiction, because even though my standards are unbelievably high because of it it makes for some great entertainment (everything always works out in the end).
      I’m still a beginner in Korean but I love K-dramas. I only know the little bit of Japanese I can pick up from an anime and I’m still learning the honorifics (-kun, -san, -sama, etc). And I’ve only watched a few J-dramas.


      • Well, I’m certainly no anime expert — I think I only know about animix because it’s used more often in yaoi than in other genres. It’s hard to get funding for a yaoi anime. After all, it’s one thing to read about sex between men, it’s another to listen to it (there are hundreds of yaoi drama CD’s), but it’s another thing entirely to both watch and listen to it as it happens on the screen! So there have been very few yaoi with good budgets — Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Koisuru Boukun were probably the best funded ones.

        The whole issue of noncon in yaoi is really controversial, and it’s a controversy I find very interesting. Because the ultimate questions are, “Why do many women enjoy those rape scenes, what does it mean (or say about women), and is it okay to enjoy them?” There are a lot of conflicting theories, interpretations, and would-be answers to those questions, and, of course, people have very strong feelings about them. Yet yaoi continues to thrive.

        Yes, that’s exactly why I’d be distracted. I think it’d make it harder to buy into the idea that those guys are really attracted to each other when I’m thinking about the real people having to use their real bodies. Plus, in drawings, you can show people being intimate in a way that you just can’t in live action (unless you want an NC-17 rating or worse), which takes away some of the thrill of yaoi. After all, part of the excitement of a lot of yaoi is getting to see, well, everything.

        I actually started studying Japanese because I’d been gorging on anime and started to pick up bits and pieces that piqued my curiosity. I don’t know about Korean, but Japanese is so profoundly different from English that it kinda took my breath away. And the more I looked into it, the more hooked I got.


  4. Yebisu Celebrities is a sweet, quiet, 100% consensual yaoi that’s focused on the characters and relationships (even if it’s only a tiny bit of the larger manga’s story — 2 chapters out of 5 volumes). It’s a salaryman, powerful-men-in-suits story told from the perspective of a young newbie learning the ropes. The art style is a bit dated (as you saw). I tend to re-watch Yebisu Celebrities, despite it being an animix (although I wish it were a real anime), when I’m in the mood for a simple, straightforward romance, an actual story without a lot of needless drama. And, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for men in suits. When I watch it, I usually end up going and reading the rest of the manga again…
    If you want to watch Yebisu, I’d suggest going to the Aarinfantasy forum (you need a free account) and downloading the file or watching it there. It’s at a higher resolution than what’s available on youtube. The only other high resolution version on youtube is squished vertically and looks weird.


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