So Today Is Thanksgiving


¡Hola friends! It’s been ages since my last post, and I sincerely apologize. Computer problems. But none the less I either made or found something special for the lot of you.  Below is a card  with an original poem by yours truly for the gals and a video for the guys. Honestly both sexes can read either one. Neither is too masculine or feminine for the other.  But what I say in the poem, some guys just won’t care about. So, your choice. But now I must go finish watching my telenovelas! See you guys on the late.

For las muchachas: (Click the picture to read the card. It’s not a virus or anything. Just a digital card.)


For los muchachos:

Hopefully your Thanksgiving is better than Riley’s. 😉

Last Years Thanksgiving post: Happy Turkey Day!

May you survive your relatives.


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