5 Easy Steps to Surviving the DMV

Picture1.2I don’t have a car. Yet. And I’m not allowed behind the wheel. Yet. I don’t even have a permit. Yet.  While we’re on the subject, I haven’t eaten. Yet.

But that didn’t keep me from going to the DMV with my sister while she went to go get her permit. Like most people we woke up at the butt crack of dawn in order to get there before the masses. But just like us, most people had that idea and we didn’t get there before then, but we still got a prime parking spot right in front of the building. It was literally melting outside and I was sitting in the car next to somebody who likes to smoke, and so because I like to live, I had to stay in the car with the window rolled up. While there I came up with five easy steps on how to survive the DMV


Step 1: Bring Food.

Food is a creature comfort. And while at the DMV, dealing with attitudes and clipped responses, you need comfort. So rather than talking to that creepy guy that is literally breathing down your neck behind you and smells like crackers and cologne, go sit down and stuff your mouth with some snacks. What I brought:


A Kashi bar, which this one in particular is actually a lot saltier than you’d think it’d be. It’s got chocolate, which is not overly sweet, and almonds. They’re surprisingly filling and great when you’re in a hurry or, in this case, trying to avoid talking to somebody. This is what they look like melted because in order to tell if something is good, you need to see it melted:



Don’t forget your fruit (I’m being funny, by the way, I know apples aren’t fruits):


Applesauce. We get these in boxes from Costco. And because they’re easy and portable (and I didn’t bring a spoon), I just slurped it up, using my tongue to reach what wouldn’t slide out. It’s an art form with classes available UCSAGE (Sign up before all the spots are taken!).


It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, when we went. So, I couldn’t forget to hydrate. I was:

♫♪ On my early-morn thirsty. ‘Cause it was early-morn and I was thirsty! ♫♪ (Guess the song and put your answer in the comment section!)

Step 2: Bring Something to Read

There are so many different ways to read nowadays, so choose your favorite. I personally prefer the real thing to reading something on a device or getting it read to me. How do you prefer to read? If you’re not a big reader or wouldn’t know what to read, stop by the library the day before and try a new genre. Or if you usually only read romances, pick up a sci-fi or mystery. If that’s not really your thing, try a different version of romance. Like a romantic comedy, mystery romance, paranormal romance, or erotica. If it’s already hot, why not turn it up a notch?!


I brought Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. It was my first time reading it, and  because I absolutely adored the movie I thought why not try the book? Because you always judge a book by it’s movie. I learned that from the Twilight course at UCSAGE.

Step 3: Bring A Journal

Just because you bring a journal doesn’t mean you have to write in it, if writing is not your thing or you simply can’t think of anything to write. You can always sketch or try drawing a cartoon from memory such as SpongeBob or Diego.


I brought my photographer’s notebook from Target, and practiced drawing anime hair and eyes expressing different emotions:


I know, I know. Impressive, right?

Step 4: Bring Music

The radio doesn’t always have what you need, I know this from experience. I clean up the kitchen every other day on rotation with my kid sister and when I do I like to listen to music. More specifically, the radio, because some of (most of) the music on my mp3 is dated. And sometimes (most of the time), when I clean the kitchen, the radio is doing a segment of about 2 hours of slow jams. Like, oh my gosh. What the frak? Jump off of her and go to sleep so I can listen to music that is actually worth my while. It is a Tuesday and you have work tomorrow you guys do not need to be smashing pancakes right now. And besides, who’s going to want to listen to a remix of Love in the Club while they’re getting it on, only for the next thing to play to be five minutes of ads? Talk about a mood killer.


Anywho, try downloading a few new songs or listening to some old songs you downloaded and haven’t heard in a while. Note: On my mp3 (which shows the wrong time, by the way), I changed the language to Korean to help me learn Hangeul, which I have actually gotten pretty good at:


On the screen it says: (top) Artist, (bottom) Shuffle Mode, (right) Album.

Step 5: People Watch

Last but not least, there’s always the ever fun people watching. My sisters and I like to pick out people, guess their names and their background. Or we’ll choose some random guy and pretend that guy’s one of our boyfriends. Guessing what they’re saying is also a blast.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It:

You can also take selfies, paint your nails (if you’re a girl), paint your nails (if you’re a guy), play games, watch a show or movie on your Iphone/ROKU and by the time you realize all of that stuff is boring, it’ll be time to go. You’re Welcome.

For more things to do when you are bored: Check this out!

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How I Lived to Tell the Tale of Indie Pop


My Impression:

I have come to the conclusion that, like sushi, Indie music is an acquired taste. While it sounds like pop music, it tastes like raw fish. I listened to a lot of indie pop music in my quest to find some of my favorites, to conclude if whether or not I liked the genre. In the beginning, I tricked myself into thinking indie pop was just like regular pop that you hear on the radio. Then I realized the music you hear on the radio isn’t even “regular” pop, so I quickly nixed that idea. When I first started listening I thought that it sounded like a lot of the music I already listened to, and that I could easily replace all my old music for this genre. After about a week of doing that, I had to push down the urge to kill myself in my sleep and think it was a very poetic way to die. I was almost, a little, depressed.  Don’t get me wrong, the music was good. Very good. In fact, a liked a lot of the songs that I heard. I just… I don’t know what came over me, but suddenly I really needed to listen to some Aaliyah and J-Lo when she was still doing music with Murder Inc. and everyone thought (including herself) that she was still Jenny from the block. Not even radio music could bring me back to reality and keep me from wanting to go into a corner and cry.

high royal_768x576

My Conclusion:

You would think I hated the music. I felt like I was in some sort of trance. Like I was in a completely different reality for about 5 days, that consisted of coconuts, broken hearts, and sneakers. But now that I think about it, the music probably wasn’t even what did this to me. It was probably the thought that I only had a week left of summer break and I didn’t want it to end and all I wanted to do was crack open a coconut and run away in my sneakers with my broken heart. To be honest, I’ve never been in a relationship where I left with a broken heart, but now I feel like I’ve been in twenty. I can honestly tell you, it feels terrible. For all of you that have experienced it first-hand, words cannot explain how sorry I am….

But even through all of the loves lost, I managed to find a hand full of indie pop music that I really like. And shall share them with you now:

I have to keep in mind, indie pop is just a genre of indie, and while a lot of time it incorporates almost all genres of indie music, I cannot conclude if whether or not  I like indie music as a whole. So, I will continue my endeavor and delve into the other genres of indie music. If I make it out alive I will tell you guys how it went.

So, in the end, do I like indie pop? Why, yes. Yes, I do. Can I listen to it every day? Hell naw.

What’s  your take on indie pop? What did you think of the music in my playlist? Will you follow me on soundcloud? Of course you will because you’re awesome like that.

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How To Tell If You Like Indie Music

indie music part 1 According to Wikipedia (a website everybody knows, loves, trusts– including your teacher) there are many types of Indie music– Indie dance, Indie electronic, Indie folk, Indie hip hop, Indie pop, and Indie rock– all of which sometimes blend together. I know when I think of Indie music I think of either really slow music where they sing about death and the world ending (same difference) or I think of fast music with kooky beats where they sing about death and the world ending. But as I went on my quest to finding new music to listen to I found that this is far from the truth (with most of them, anyways).

Indie music is just that, independent music. Music- separate from major producers. It’s an alternative way for artists to express themselves through their craft.  There is also indie art, design, literature and a more widely known indie film. There is a whole indie-verse. Like a buffy-verse but not…

When I first started my search I thought that I hadn’t heard and liked any indie music. Ever. But it turns out a lot of the songs that I listen to and like a lot are indie. Examples being Do I Wanna Know? by Artic Monkeys , Fitzpleasure by Alt-J (∆) and Eyes on Fire and Equilibrium by Blue Foundation. You’d be surprised to find that a lot of the music you listen to is also indie. More mainstream examples would be Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye.

Speaking of the past, the above mentioned songs are both categorized in the genre Indie Pop– which is just like regular pop except more indie. The beats are ones you don’t hear in everyday songs–they were catchy yet smooth and velvety–which is why they were so popular in 2010-2011.

I found a website that posts new indie songs everyday in all of the above mentioned genres. It’s called “Indie Shuffle” and has been so, so  sooo so so so so so helpful in my search that it’s floetic (see what I did there? Probably not…). I am going to go through all of the indie genres (before moving onto a different type of music, like hip hop or something), starting with Indie Pop to see which one I like more, if any– which there will be one, but just in case there isn’t I said that. 😉

I found a lot of songs that I liked in this genre so this will be a part 1 part 2 post showing you some of my favorite songs.

I liked this song because her voice sounded magical. The beat reminds me of a happy scene in a movie where the couple are lazily rolling around in the bed and laughing  as the sun just comes up. If you can’t understand a word she’s saying, like I couldn’t when I first heard it, the actual song on sound cloud has the lyrics.

This song is a little more up beat and slightly more like a modern version of indie. It’s catchy and though I am not too sure what she’s saying, it gives me serious Janet Jackson in the eighties feel.

This song is ambient which I love. When it gets to the chorus it becomes very inspirational and soothing at the same time.

I realized, writing this, that indie music (well at least indie pop) has the tendency to make their lyrics incoherent and run on like a new language– but I think that gives it it’s ethereal “indie” feeling which I have a feeling I will come to love if I haven’t already.  Also, all of their covers have images of girls with missing faces so…yeah.

Was I able to introduce you to some music you haven’t heard before? All you gotta do is say yes (guess the reference). If I have or even if I haven’t talk to me about it in the comment section. I want to know what you liked about it, if anything. What you didn’t like about it? What it put you in the mood for and/or reminded you of.

Image from: Tumblr

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Getting Lucky: Chapter 2

So, I have completely changed the synopsis to my story. It’s not 100% different but I’ve added a few exciting things to it. This is the first couple of changes to the second chapter. It is my first time writing an entire chapter in a guys POV so please no judging! Thank You.

Getting Lucky5

Ivan Gregory’s P.O.V.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; There’ll be much mistletoe-ing, and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near; It’s the most wonderful time of the—

No. I can’t even allow the song to finish. I slammed the door to the carolers closed, ending the song before they could think that I was enjoying it. I whistled as I walked away, tightening my tie around my neck and flipping down my collar, feeling no remorse. Christmas songs have to be some of the most deplorable, unscientific nonsense a person can sing. How would a man that weighs nearly three hundred pounds get into a house through a chimney, eat cookies and put out presents without making any noise? What about the law? What about breaking and entering? Not to mention how impossible it would be for him to get back out again after everything was said and done. It’s unrealistic and stupid. This holiday, in my personal opinion, is probably one of the most distressing, well-thought of holidays I’ve ever experienced. Why? Because of marketing. Because of the gullible couples that have tricked themselves into believing that they are in love with their partner and therefore end up spending a lot of time and money on something the other person has a 55 % chance of actually liking. And the children? Don’t even get me started on the children. But despite what I know to be true, it’s good for business and I’ve got proof. Between November 1st and December 26th in 2011 consumers spent $35.3 billion online, over 15% more in the same time period of 2010. Which in laymen terms means people are only spending more every year. And as a man who gets a hefty percentage of that, I say that that is good news.

To put it simply, Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but business? Business does. Me? I do. And I am business so unless I want to implode I must pretend to enjoy this season for another—I looked down at my watch—36 days, 10 hours, and 38 minutes; give or take. I sighed as I clipped on my pure gold cufflinks and straightened out the fabric of my black-label white button down. Speaking of time, I better get going, I thought as I headed toward the door. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and draped my coat across my arm as I put my hat on my head and left my flat, the door closing and locking behind me with three consecutive beeps.

Today is going to be a great day.

I lied, I thought, the light of my phone blared into my face as I double checked to make sure I was at the right place. Bob and Apples’ Bar and Grill? Really? Bob and Apples?  I shook my head and sighed, a white puff of vapor appearing in my face like a billow of smoke. I wonder if my assistant got it wrong. Why would, Kenji Takashi, a billionaire mall owner from Japan be interested in coming to a place like this? I re-checked the text-message, scrolling all the way down to read the post script.

Yes, I am positive that this is the location. – Lori

She can be so sarcastic sometimes. She should work on that. I rolled my eyes and dropped my phone into my coat pocket, looking over my shoulder as I stepped into the bar. As soon as I walked in I wanted to walk back out. It was game night and the place was packed. I looked around at all of the normal people that were suddenly surrounding me and couldn’t help but wonder ‘Why?’. Why when I know a perfectly good 5-star restaurant that wasn’t full of people who smelt of cigarettes and food that looks like somebody threw it up on the plate, would somebody want to come here? I looked to my right at the coat hanger next to me and shook my head in disgust at how many coats were actually hanging there.

I closed my eyes briefly, tightening my jaw as a woman passed by me smelling of apple martinis and disparity. Why? There were Christmas decorations and light-beer posters hanging on the wall. And one thing I hate just as much, if not more, than Christmas songs is Christmas decorations. I looked behind the bar where there were a few, rather large round tables and at one of them sat my client and his assistant.  I took off my hat revealing my short, $250 cut ashy brown hair and made my way to the back table. As I passed by the coat rack I nearly bumped into a small woman who out of my peripheral vision I’d seen standing there like a statue since I came in. I touched her shoulder softly excusing myself as I continued my beeline toward Mr. Kenji Takashi’s table. I vaguely heard her say something along the lines of ‘Oh no… it’s okay.’ But it was faint and barely audible over the sound of the jazz and soccer match going on in the front. For some reason unbeknownst by me, I looked over my shoulder back at her, I didn’t know what I was expecting but she was gone, clearly swallowed up by the crowd that had taken her place. I shrugged it off as I quickly approached the back of the bar slightly disappointed to find that it was no quieter here than in the front but I did my best to hide it well as I smiled politely and bowed at my waist in front of Takashi’s table.

Kobanwa.”  I said and stood.

“Kobanwa.” He smiled, the crow’s feet around his eyes tightening so that I could barely see the brown flick of his eyes. He held out his hand, inviting me to sit opposite of him.

“And Merry Christmas. Please, sit.” He continued, that smile that prohibited me from seeing much more than the skin around his cheeks still etched on his face. Kenji Takashi was an older man, had to be in his late fifties. He had a thick crop of dark black hair that lightened to a light grey toward the sides. And just like me, he was a man of business. As the owner and founder of a multi-billion dollar franchise in Japan, he takes the Christmas season very seriously.  Based on the place he chose to meet at I say slightly more seriously than I had thought.

With much care I pulled out the wooden chair that had been forced against the table, glad I had decided to wear my gloves and disgusted at the same time at what might be attaching themselves to it right then. I gulped and looked down at the seat trying my hardest not to show my disgust at the red pleather cushioning. But I knew it would be rude to refuse so I sat, smiling politely at the man who was unknowingly torturing me.  Just as I looked up, there was a fleeting glance between him and his assistant, his smile dropping and a knowing look appearing in his eyes. But it was gone within seconds, forcing me to believe that it was maybe I trick of poor lighting. Besides, this merger was worth far more than my superstition.

I cleared my throat, “So, let’s talk business.”

“Yes,” Kenji Takashi looked away, grabbing a napkin and careful placing it on his lap. He held up his hand to signal a waiter, “But first, a drink.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Toward the middle of our meeting it seemed as though Takashi had completely seized listening to me. It seemed that the soccer game had entertained him far more than I had and It was as though nothing I said was getting through to him. Now, clearly this is a first for me. Usually at business meetings when I speak what I say is gold so why is it, when I talk to him all he seems to hear is plastic? I tried not to be deterred by this fact as I continued to talk about the statistics of my establishments, how much we made last year both at our in-person locations and online, our costumer reviews and our return rates. But nothing seemed to impress him. I sighed and stopped talking just as the noise level suddenly dropped. For a moment the noise level didn’t register and I sat with my back toward it all as I looked over the papers I held in front of me for whatever Takashi was finding unappealing. Wait, I furrowed my eyebrows, Did somebody say something about a fire?, I thought as I turned around and watched as a young woman  with nearly the whole bar surrounding her, stared nervously down at a flaming blue drink. I watched, for some reason slightly entranced as she tried to convince herself that this was something she wanted to do. I was slightly surprised at how young she looked. Like she couldn’t be more than 16 years old, how is it that she managed to get an alcoholic drink? Didn’t they card her? The bartender must be blind to not be able to tell that she was under-aged and probably still in high school. People chanted and cheered her on until she reached out to grab the straw the bartender held out to her, they spoke briefly, their words mumbled and incomprehensible at such a distance. She took a deep breath before sticking the straw into the drink, drinking it all down in one gulp. I turned my back to her before she was done. Well, it’s her problem now. Or should I say “theirs” because they were so going to jail for selling alcohol to a minor. I turned back toward Takashi as he laughed, tossing back his drink.

“Now, what were you saying?” He asked and I continued on where I left off as if I had not stopped. Once I found what I felt he did not like, I was in the zone, like in movies where all noise but what I’m saying zones out. It doesn’t take much for me to get there, but once I’m there it takes a car crashing into the building I’m in to get me out. Or at least that’s what I thought until moments later when she let out a cry of victory, picking up the glass and turning it upside down to show that it was empty, the glass clinked as it hit the wood of the bar counter. This sudden sound invited a whole new wave of noise 10xs as loud as the first, because now it included a semi-drunk teenage girl.

Tell me what you think and read the rest here! — Sage 🙂

Weird Science: Oingo Boingo Saved My Onion

I’m telling you. It’s a growth. I really cool looking one, but a growth none the less. So, despite the obvious efforts to get me to kill my onion on Yahoo Answers, I saved it and it grew due to the color of my kid sister’s thumb. The only thing is now, I’m not quite sure what we’re supposed to do with it.


It’s Alive! (weird) It’s Alive! Weird Science. Ohhhh.


Things I’ve never seen before, Behind bolted doors, Talent and imagination– Weird Science!


Not my creation! (it’s my sister’s) Is it real?!


I do not know. I do not know! From my heart and from my hands why don’t people understand my intentions?

(If you have a problem similar to mine, click on the last picture on my previous post and it’ll take you to the real YA page and tell you how to plant it.) — Sage 🙂

How To: Look Like You Went to Coachella (Even When You Didn’t)


I have never been to Coachella. I want to go, I really do. But, alas, I am too young and live nowhere near Coachella Valley. Because of this small fact, I have been reduced to looking like I’ve been to Coachella even though I haven’t ever been. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs, but it’s true. I figured if I am going to do this, I might as well do it right so I tried to think of everything down to questions people might ask regarding Coachella.  Now, take note of the warning sign at the beginning of this post. This is just supposed to be for fun. Something you could try out if you have nothing else better to do on Coachella weekend—an experiment if you will.  Don’t take it to heart if people don’t take it seriously or don’t believe you and know that you didn’t or couldn’t go to Coachella. It’s not a big deal. It’s just for fun. This brings me to my first step. Just like in the video I stole these snapshots from: HAVE FUN.


Sing it with me: Step number one is that you gotta have fun. Having fun is essential to life… and to faking your Coachella visit. So while doing this, if you decide to do this, have fun! Cause baby when you’re done, you’ve got to be the first to laugh. That’s just how it is. Now, Step number two.


Pamper yourself. For our first fake Coachella visit you are going to want to pick out and wear the clothes you would wear to Coachella. For those of you who do not know this, Coachella is not just a music festival. It’s a music festival and a fashion statement. You go there wearing clothes you probably wouldn’t wear on a daily bases and you do that because there will be celebrities and people will be taking pictures. You don’t want to go to Coachella wearing your normal jeans and t-shirt because people will be looking and they will notice that you did not take the time to pick out cute clothes. You don’t want to take a picture with a celebrity looking like a sloppy jalopy. Because it will go down in history. I know that you are not technically going to the festival this year and you don’t need to pick out the clothes that you would wear but you can still feel like you went. And picking out your clothes may help with that. On top of picking and wearing your clothes you want to get your toes and nails done. You also want to get a tan because at Coachella it will be hot and if you were to have gone you would’ve gotten one. Now, this can be a spray tan or a real tan. If you live near one, go to the beach grab some sunscreen and lay out until you’re covered in a beautiful golden glow. Not only will you look like you’ve been to Coachella, you will be ready for summer. Next, step number 3.


Ignore that cray-cray face she’s making.

Music! Man, I absolutely love music. Couldn’t live without it. And if you want to go to Coachella you are probably the same way. So I suggest you visit the Coachella site and look at the line up for the first and second weekend of the festival.

Your fave?

After you’ve examined the lineup, pick out the bands that you would go to the festival to listen to. There will be a lot of artists attending the festival, so you may want to make a list of some sort. Then go to YouTube or grab your ipod/mp3 player/ipad or whatever you use to listen to music and make a playlist of all of your favorite songs by the singers that will be playing live at Coachella. Remember, the first step to believing it, is living it. So create your playlist and put it on blast on the days that those artists would be playing at Coachella. Though you may not get to hear them play live (this time) you still get to listen to your favorite bands and rock out as if they were there in your bedroom. Now, step number 4. The next and final step.stepno4.sagedandconfused

Et Cetera, Et Cetera.  I know that normally when you go to a place you’ve never been before you take pictures and buy souvenirs so that you can forever remember your first time being there. But sense you haven’t actually gone to Coachella you won’t be able to have those little mementos. That’s a LIE. You will! Or at least your own little version of it. You can think of it as the time you were so desperate to go to Coachella that you faked it. Sense Coachella is a semi grassy plain, to take pictures you can visit your neighborhood park. If you go to the least grassy area of the park where there is just a little bit of grass, lay down a blanket, and then throw your body on top of it you can have somebody take a picture of you from behind so that it looks like you were far too busy celebrity spotting to turn around for a photo op. Not only will it fool the person your showing it to, the picture will also be Tumblr worthy which is a plus. If you don’t feel like doing that, like I wouldn’t, you can take a picture where your background is the grass and you’re coming from the top at your own house. Like an outside “selfie”. Anywhere where the grass is your background, should be fine.

Now, if anyone asks about souvenirs or merchandise tell them to get a life or if you’re trying to be nice say you didn’t want one or forgot to buy one. You can also make your own. I don’t know how easy it will be, but it’s possible. As for festival passes? Simple, you tossed or lost yours. Your room is far too dirty to find a little wrist band with the Coachella logo on it. You can stretch that lie until next year, when you will be able to go to Coachella. Note: I am in no way promoting lying. It was just a joke.

Well, that’s all I have for you. No matter what you do, don’t forget the first rule/step: Have fun! If you have something else I should add, put it in the comment box or email me. (Happy belated Easter, and April Fool’s Day!) 🙂


You’re not bored – “Only boring people are bored.” Things to do When you’re Bored


photo courtesy: redshirtsunited.tumblr.com, pinterest

Are you bored? Don’t be. What to know why? Well, you’re in the wrong place because I don’t know why. Okay, let’s start over… Happy New Year! Okay, no, that’s so 2012. Happy Valentines Day, to you and your lover! Okay now that’s just weird. Hmm… are you bored?

I currently live in this little place called the middle of nowhere. To getanywhere fun is literally over an hour away. So most of the time, to entertain ourselves, my sisters and I make up our own games, and these wonderfully magical games are what are going to cure your boredom the next time you find yourself about to die with lack of anything fun to do. But so that I don’t blow your mind with awesomeness we are going to take this in steps and because I announced games first, let’s start there.

Make Up Your Own Game

Your game does not have to come from thin air; it can derive from a game that maybe you’ve played or heard about before. I came up with a game one night while I was bored called Shout. Now, I don’t know if this game is original or not or if it’s even really called Shout (I just made up the name, on the spot… just now) and to be frank I don’t really care. The rules of the game or simple. It’s a two player game and all you have to do is think of a random word, it can be anything varying from hair to elephant—the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve thought of a word, shout it out to the person you are playing it with then, let’s call him/her Player 2, is going to say the first thing that comes to mind when you say that word. For example if I was playing with my sister and I yelled out Psych she might say You or You out in the end (which is not one word, but you get the gist) because our favorite show in the world right now is Psych, because it is amazing.


picture courtesy: pinterest

Option 2: play Would You Rather. My sister and I play this game all of the time. You can think of your own or you can look up a site that has a list of them. But I warn you, not all sites are safe and some of the ‘Would You Rather’ options are inappropriate so choose a good one unless you like inappropriate things.

Option 3: play a variation of Marry, Boff, Kill which I first heard of watching 30 Rock, but to me this game is one in its own so we will save it for another day on another post.

Listen to Music

Let’s face it, music makes everybody happy. There’s not one person on this Earth that doesn’t like music, whether its polka or elevator music somebody has a type of music that they like. If you say you don’t like music, not any type of music, just to prove me wrong, well then we can’t be friends. Anyways, if you’re bored try grabbing your laptop or cell phone or ipad/pod and listen to music. Put together a new play list and turn it up on blast! You can learn the lyrics to that song you’ve butchering or look up a song that you haven’t heard in a long time. Maybe that song that goes like this: boom, pow, chika chicka bang bang, pop, move your body ooohhhhhhh. Google it. You can also try out new music. Maybe music in a different language such as Korean or French or in a different genre that you probably never would’ve thought you’d like but then you find an artist that is flipping amazing.

Read a Magazine

I know this may sound weird and totally boring, but not the way I do it, the way I do it turns a drab beauty magazine to the cure of world-weariness. Okay, so, grab a magazine it can be any type of magazine, but I would suggest one with a celebrity on it and/or one of those teeny-bopper ones that have all of the popular boy bands on the cover. You know those ones that you thought they stop making in the 90s but didn’t (the ones that had ‘n sync and Eminem when he still called himself Slim Shady on the cover). I don’t know if you’ve ever played this before, but in these magazines they have quizzes or picture mazes or something. Now, I’m not sure if they are really called that so allow me to explain. In magazines they have these question mazes (yeah, let’s call it that) and they ask you a question, then depending on your answer you go to another question bubble. For example this one to see whether or not you have long legs:



Take these, they’re fun and really easy and usually don’t cost more than two dollars. Another activity you can try with magazines is giving an interview. If you flip to the section with the celebrity that’s on the cover where they ask them all of these random questions you can ask the person you are interviewing, the interview-ee, or in this case the celebrity, the questions that they ask the famous person in the magazine. For example:randomcelebrity_sagedandconfused2

If in the magazine you chose they refer to guy the person is dating switch it out so that it is they guy/girl you friend has a crush on or is dating.


Don’t know what Marry, Boff, Kill is? Click the picture below to get a taste of what I am talking about.


picture courtesy: tvguide.com

Happy Valentines Day to you and your Sweetie,