13 Different Ways to Say ‘Happy New Year!’ in English


A couple of days ago I made a list of Happy New Years in 15 different languages. I have now made a list of 13 different ways to say happy new year in English. So, consider this a part 2 to the first list and my last hoorah for 2014.

  • Happy New Year! (tried and true)

  • Great New Year! (totally belittles the norm)

  • Have a prosperous new year!

  • I hope your New Year is not bad! (they won’t know what to think about this)

  • I hope 2015 is your best year yet!

  • Have a happy, healthy, successful new year! (if you’re feeling extra generous)

  • I hope you get all you deserve this new year! (for the person you don’t really like)

  • I hope you really like your new year!

  • May next year be better than your last! (Like… last year or my last year? Really think about that.)

  • Congratulations on making it to 2015! (wait, what?)

  • Live long and prosper this new year. (for the trekkie)

  • May the force be with you this new year.  (for the star wars fan)

  • May 2015 be newer than 2014! (because nothing is worse than an old new year)

There are only 13 because I couldn’t think of 15. If you guys can think of anymore, put them in the comment section below. Remember, guys: “Don’t take life so seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.” Your New Year will be great because I said so. Sage Out.