13 Different Ways to Say ‘Happy New Year!’ in English


A couple of days ago I made a list of Happy New Years in 15 different languages. I have now made a list of 13 different ways to say happy new year in English. So, consider this a part 2 to the first list and my last hoorah for 2014.

  • Happy New Year! (tried and true)

  • Great New Year! (totally belittles the norm)

  • Have a prosperous new year!

  • I hope your New Year is not bad! (they won’t know what to think about this)

  • I hope 2015 is your best year yet!

  • Have a happy, healthy, successful new year! (if you’re feeling extra generous)

  • I hope you get all you deserve this new year! (for the person you don’t really like)

  • I hope you really like your new year!

  • May next year be better than your last! (Like… last year or my last year? Really think about that.)

  • Congratulations on making it to 2015! (wait, what?)

  • Live long and prosper this new year. (for the trekkie)

  • May the force be with you this new year.  (for the star wars fan)

  • May 2015 be newer than 2014! (because nothing is worse than an old new year)

There are only 13 because I couldn’t think of 15. If you guys can think of anymore, put them in the comment section below. Remember, guys: “Don’t take life so seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.” Your New Year will be great because I said so. Sage Out.


HOW TO: Say ‘Happy New Year!’ in 15 Different Languages Other Than English

2014 is ending and the New Year is coming quickly now that Christmas is over. For me, this year has been full of discoveries and realizations. I would go into that but I don’t really remember all of the discoveries and/or realizations. But I will say, it has been slow and fast, easy and hard, happy and sad– truly a big ball of contradictions, but I am glad I went through it so that I will not have to go through it ever again. Ever.

Now, I know that not all countries and religions celebrate the New Year on January 1st. What I am not sure about is whether all countries and/or religions even celebrate the new year. But, I have, regardless, procured a list of happy new years in 15 different languages other than English.

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