How I Successfully Ruined My Night + How You Can Too!

My next post on my “journey to self-discovery”¬†was going to be me going on an on about how much I love animes and how I was so excited to try new types of animes and talk about them¬†here on my blog. But I have completely ruined all hope of that ever happening in all of yours and my life because of one anime.

It all happened yesterday evening– I got on the computer with every intention of beginning my research on different genres and types of animes so that I could start my post and talk to you guys about my¬†experience.¬†¬†I started my search in yaoi. Why yaoi, you might ask? Because it sounded like a good idea at the time and because I have read similar stories on Wattpad before and I thought it would be fun to see it in action.¬†¬†For those of you who do not know what yaoi is, the easiest way to¬†explain¬†it is¬†yaoi is boy on boy love, or just Boy’s Love (BL for short). It is when¬†one very attractive, rather¬†domineering¬†man chases¬†another¬†very attractive,¬†passive and slightly girlish looking man’s butt¬†in hopes of becoming¬†intimate. The¬†pursuer is called the seme and the¬†person being pursued¬†is called the uke. Now, there are¬†many types of yaoi. There are ones with literary themes and magical themes both of which¬†are usually non-explicit¬†(according to the Geekiary), and there are ones that are strictly for mature audiences.¬†I had planned to try out one of each and I was looking at videos of them on YouTube for a better part of my “research” last night¬†but that is not where the horror begins. It begins with a kid named ronaldmcdonaldslilbro.

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