Happy Mother’s Day Blueberry (Very Berry) Smoothies!


First off I’d like to say that this is my recipe. I didn’t find this on YouTube or some blog or watch it on the Food Network/Cooking Channel. This all me, 100% Sage… unless it turns out terrible for you then it was 100% you. That’s just the way it is :p. This smoothie was so good I made it every day for nearly a week and my mom made sure that I used the exact same recipe that I used the first time so that it taste the same each time. Only thing is, I find that when making smoothies (among other things) it all depends on taste. But I am going to use a ratio so that your version of my smoothie tastes absolutely delicious.

Before we go any further I want to make sure that the night before you make this, which hopefully is tonight (even though, sense it is late I understand if you don’t. Just do it in the morning, a few hours before you make the smoothie), you chop up a banana, wrap it up in some Saran wrap (without the peel) and put it in the freezer or else the smoothie will have too many different textures and won’t turn out as thick and creamy as it should. Also, take into account that this is 100% vegetarian so you will feel good after drinking it and your body will love you for it! Now, for the rest of the ingredients:









When making your smoothie, because this is a Blueberry Smoothie you want to put more frozen blueberries than any of the other fruits. So, in ratio, try 3:1 for strawberries and blueberries, but if it comes down to it and your smoothie is too liquid-y add more strawberries not blueberries because they can be a little over powering.




After you have added your blueberries and strawberries (in that order, because strawberries take up more room in the blender and you won’t get enough blueberries) you want to add a tablespoon of hemp protein powder, then the frozen bananas and honey to taste.



If I had to guess i’d say this is about 2 table spoons of honey, and sometimes (most of the time) I have to add more after i’ve blended everything up and tasted it.

 After you’ve added all that yummy goodness, you add the spinach. Now this is completely optional and the smoothie would be just as good without it. The blender should be pretty full by this time you you’re going to want to just stuff the spinach in empty pockets in the blender. Then, add the rice milk.





Gorgeous color, isn’t it? Your mom will love it and know you spent a lot of time on it, though it is incredibly easy to make!

This smoothie makes approximately 4 very large glasses (*great tip: instead of tossing your spaghetti and jelly jars, cleaning them out really well, remove the wrapper and use them as cups*) and you can garnish it with blueberries or mixed berries.



I really hope you enjoy this! It will give you and your mom a great pick-me-up! If you make it, don’t hesitate to tell me how it went! Email or comment! 🙂 – Sage


You’ll Never Guess What I Found by the Dumpster


This post, along with many following are only going to be pictures. Pictures of random beautiful things I found while taking a walk or just eating. I don’t usually get out much–I’m usually in the house chillin, watching k-dramas and listening to k-pop, or watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Total Trekkie) and the Justice League, which, by the way, I am a huge fan of comic books but we’ll save that topic for another day. Anyways, I have recenlty been getting out a lot more, and I’ve been seeing a lot cool things. Most of its just flowers so hang with me while I get the hang of taking pictures of actual moving targets. I will upload a post on the best smoothie you will ever drink for Mother’s Day which is May 12, three days after my birthday (May 9. Happy Birthday to ME!).

Moving on, outside of my house there are flower bushes and they grow some of the most beautiful roses when they’re not burning from the nearly 100 degree weather outside and I am not exagerating. Its gotten as high as 95 degrees here already, and it just turned May. What happened to ‘April showers bring May flowers’?  We’ve gotten no showers! Though I’ve heard it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so let’s cross our fingers.











I’m sorry if the pictures are semi-blurry it was incredibly windy when i took these pictures which is why i look to be strangling this poor flower ^^. Anyways, after i took these pictures i went for a walk around the block.


Can you see the bee? I was surprised i was able to take a non-blurry picture of it before it either stung me or took off.


At first i thought these were desert roses. They’re not. Desert roses are actually pretty. I’m just kidding. These flowers are pretty… just not as pretty as desert roses (which don’t technically look like roses :/) .These are called Orange Desert Globe Mallow, the longest name for such small flowers.


Do you know what this creepy thing is?


neither do i…

Then, after my walk, i saw the cutest birds ever. They sort of reminded me of my little sister. I found them near what used to be a dumping site near my house. They were in a bush and because it was hot or they were in a particularly nice mood, they stayed put while my mom ran to the house and grabbed my camera for me. And also, my mom was incredibly nice to sit there patiently while i played paprazzi with these poor birds. Here’s what happened:

At first they were very shy...

At first they were very shy…

Then one, slightly more adventurous than the other, came out saying, "Look! It's peoples!"

Then one, slightly more adventurous than the other, came out saying, “Look! It’s peoples!”

Then he called the next one out. "Yo, dawg, you'll never believe what i just saw." "What is it?" "Peoples."

Then he called the next one out. “Yo, dawg, you’ll never believe what I just saw.”
“What is it?”
“Peoples.” Gasp. “No way.”

"Maybe if we just slowly hop away... they won't notice us..."

“Maybe if we just slowly hop away… they won’t notice us…shh”

"Naw, man, this is the perfect time for a photo op. Just lie low, man, lie low." "Fine. But eye's watchin' you."

“Naw, man, this is the perfect time for a photo op. Just lie low, man, lie low.”
“Fine. But eye’s watchin’ you.”

"But only ONE photo!"

“Wait! Only ONE photo! I’m serious bird, man. Don’t play around!” “But eye’s so photogenetic…Okay, man, alright. Just one… get out the way! Alright! Mr. DeMille, i’m ready for my close up!”


Mutters, “Got to…find my good side…” Clears throat, “CHEESE!”

Yes. The birds did talk and this is what they said. So, get over it. Now: Nummies and sidewalk chalk. 🙂


It’s a tuna melt on wheat, gluten-free bread (toasted), with sprouts, provolone cheese and a side of grape tomatoes and sliced plums.



I’m not usually much of a drawer(er?) but that day, i was feeling inspired. It’s supposed to be youngest sister.


This girl doesn’t have a name. What do you suggest?

I hope you enjoyed my bird story and photos. I’ll have more in about three days with snack suggestions and my trip to a park outside of town. Then, SMOOTHIES! Nom, nom, nom. — Sage.