Starbucks Oatmeal and Sweet Stuff (Baked Goods)

It seems as though I am on a Starbucks kick this month…

Picture1I got the same type of tea, because, well I like it.  And the oatmeal came with fresh blueberries, mixed nuts, a seed medley with dried cranberries, agave syrup (BEWARE: DO NOT CONSUME AGAVE NECTAR/ SYRUP IT HAS MORE FRUCTOSE THAN CORN SYRUP. Not good.), and brown sugar.



So… there’s the little bakery in a small town about an hour away from us and the make the cutest little (and big) pies and pastries. I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t really like sweets all that much (unless its chocolate and it’s a certain time of the month) but boy were these babies photogenic! Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Picture4We got small cherry pies, a large cherry pie, these little cream cheese pastries with blueberries and a black berry/ raspberry medley on top, and a carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese frosting. Picture5

I think these pretty little things speak for themselves…

Picture6STOP!! Okay, now, imagine this: A large twelve inch cherry pie with buttery, light, flakey crust topped with the slightest layer of sugar that just melts into a pool of yummy sweetness in your mouth with every bite. As you slowly cut into it the crust cracks, and sweet (slightly tangy), gooey cherries gush from the center and a saccharine aroma wafts up to hug your nose. Now… sit back and really think about it. If you ever find a pie like that don’t hesitate to tell me about it. ( ooh, burn. :p)

Picture7Remember what I said about them being photogenic? Well, get ready for a cherry pie slide show.




Picture11See what I mean? (Because I didn’t post on Monday, expect a post tomorrow and Friday as well) — Sage


New Post This Weekend

안녕하세요 여러분! Hello everybody! I know I said that I would be doing a post on sweet potato fries (After my update on learning Korean and my special post on Coachella–not necessarily in that order), but I did not take enough pictures to make a post on them (the fries). So, instead of posting that recipe, this weekend I will post on wheat Hoddeoks (which I have taken enough photos for.). These are probably the best alternative to a donut ever and they are healthy (at least the way I make them)! I hope you guys enjoy them and see you this weekend! — Sage 🙂

Courtesy of Tumblr

Courtesy of Tumblr