Have Breakfast With Me, Yeah?: Greek Yogurt with Fresh Fruit

Picture6 I swear… The things we do out of boredom. In all honesty, my favorite one is the one in the top right corner. What about you? Awe, you agree with me? What are the odds?!? I’m just kidding. Maybe… Picture7 Anyways, yogurt. That’s what this is. Greek Strawberry and Goji Berry yogurt. And the rat poop on top? Those are chia seeds and they’re quite delicious. Then there’s almonds, candied almonds, Dang coconut chips, fresh strawberries, bananas, blackberries, and raspberries, and then some pecotas and raw honey. Uhm, yum. Picture8 Oh and pears. You cant forget the pears. Drizzle a little more honey on top and you’ve got yourself the bombdest breakfast like ever. Picture9 Picture10 Totally off topic… Why is wordpress making me insert text before my picture? It’s so annoying… Is it just me, or what? I’m going to see if I can fix this with the next post…아이씨, 진짜! Also, finals coming up. I won’t be able to post quite as often as I’d like to but I am still going to try! So hang with me! Thank you guys! 고마워요!


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