What’s In My Basket?

I am not going to lie. Our baskets are never usually this empty. There are 5 of us (all girls) and we tend to eat a lot. I mean like, $500 worth of food at Costco a lot. I know what you’re thinking. I’m over exaggerating. But, I’m not. Plain and simple. If I didn’t have a life, I’d prove it by going and finding an old receipt, taking a picture of it, and uploading it on here. But that sounds like too much work. And I’m lazy. Don’t judge.

So, we went to Costco recently and bought a handful of groceries to hold us over for a little while because the drive to Costco is not one we like to take often.  The food looked so healthy and ritzy after we bought it, I had to take a picture of it. Take note that everything you see here is natural, organic (if we can help it it), and gluten-free.

After this yummy-delicious, healthy, organic, natural food, we ate pizza.

New post next week. 🙂 Sage


Have Breakfast With Me, Yeah?: Greek Yogurt with Fresh Fruit

Picture6 I swear… The things we do out of boredom. In all honesty, my favorite one is the one in the top right corner. What about you? Awe, you agree with me? What are the odds?!? I’m just kidding. Maybe… Picture7 Anyways, yogurt. That’s what this is. Greek Strawberry and Goji Berry yogurt. And the rat poop on top? Those are chia seeds and they’re quite delicious. Then there’s almonds, candied almonds, Dang coconut chips, fresh strawberries, bananas, blackberries, and raspberries, and then some pecotas and raw honey. Uhm, yum. Picture8 Oh and pears. You cant forget the pears. Drizzle a little more honey on top and you’ve got yourself the bombdest breakfast like ever. Picture9 Picture10 Totally off topic… Why is wordpress making me insert text before my picture? It’s so annoying… Is it just me, or what? I’m going to see if I can fix this with the next post…아이씨, 진짜! Also, finals coming up. I won’t be able to post quite as often as I’d like to but I am still going to try! So hang with me! Thank you guys! 고마워요!

Look What Was Made For You: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Believe it or not: These were made with wheat flour and dark chocolate. Uh yah. And get this, there’s also almond shavings in them. Yes, I know, I know. Make it right. My 언니 (eonni–  girl’s older sister) made them and I made this gif for you to enjoy.


Love me, love me say that you love me.

Guess What I Made: Hoddeoks 호떡 (This Is Not A Recipe, This Is Me Showing Off.)

호떡. Hoddeok. Hotteok. Otherwise known as, delicioustemptingscrumptiousmouthwateringfingerlickin’good. Which is why I am scheduled to make them again tomorrow. Yay for me. Note: Sarcasm. But in the end it’s totally worth it because, I mean, look at this:


Uhm, yah. Tell me it’s not worth it. You can’t. Because it is. All of the manual labor of mixing and stuffing and frying and eating for hours and hours on end. Totally… worth it… maybe… No I’m just kidding. They totally are.







Teehee. Man, I swear. I just crack myself up.




Doesn’t it look like I’m just trying to feed it to you? Well I’m not, because I ate this piece. Now, kiss it Good Bye.


No doubt it’ll miss you too. NOT. I’m just kidding. Maybe…

Have Lunch With Me, Yeah?: Takeout Sushi Pt. 2

Okay so this is probably going to be one of the shortest posts I’ve made because I didn’t get much to eat at the mall but it was still delicious so I still took pictures. The only thing is it’s just of the same thing over and over and over again. I chose my favorite 4. You love it right? Yeah, you love it… Picture1 Avocado rolls with cucumber and the regular pickled ginger and wasabi. Yum. I really love wasabi. 진짜.Picture2 Teriyaki Chicken with rice and cabbage. Uh, can somebody say delicioustemptingscrumptiousmouthwateringfingerlickin’good? Cause I know I can’t. I’m kidding. Maybe. The world will never know… Picture3Funny thing is, I don’t even like sushi. But this? This was totally worth it. Picture4